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Written By Jane Miranda on Saturday, June 25, 2011 | Saturday, June 25, 2011

The day before the exam.. 

Prepare the following:
1. Notice of assignment / Examination permit. Once you got it, photocopy it in case it gets lost.

2. Pencil, sharpened, No. 2. bring at least two so that you will always have a spare every time one gets too short to use or gets broken.You need the pencil to mark the answer sheet. Be aware: Do NOT use ballpen for marking the answer sheets. Focus and minimize mistakes during the marking.

3. Sharpener. Bring one, you don't know when bad luck will strike, maybe all pencil leads get broken during travel.

4. A Staedtler Eraser. Bring a very good eraser. Don't be afraid to erase mistakes while marking the answer sheets, one sure correct answer is very important in passing the exam. If you have mistakes at marking up your answer sheet, it is important to erase all traces of carbon particles at the wrong answer. A Staedtler eraser is a good eraser. Don't use those cheap ones, you'll get your answer sheet smudgy. The answer sheet is your only lifeline in passing the exam.

5. Ballpens. Bring two, in case one won't write. Sign pens are recommended, since it is known not to fail. I brought my techpen at the exam. You only need the pens for filling up your personal information at the beginning of the exam.

6. The same ID you used to apply for the exam. The proctor will check this before the exam along with the examination permit. They have a master list, with your pictures on it, just like in the election.

7. Snacks. During the exam, it is important to feed your brains. Vitamin Water or Energy Drinks, Chocolates and Biscuits. You must buy chocolate bars, as it is the most refreshing and easier to eat. It stimulates your brain.

8. Clothes to wear. Prepare your most comfortable clothes and shoes. You'll be sitting there for almost five hours. It is important that you are comfortable with what you wear.

9. Money.

For computer assisted exam, you still need to bring a pen or pencil for calculation purposes. Scratch papers will be provided and you need to submit it after the exam. All your bags, cellphones and other unnecessary things will be stored in the locker assigned to you.

P.S. Bring packed lunch if your schedule is in the morning. There is only one small store in the canteen and foods are very limited.  

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