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Prayer Before Exams

Written By Jane Miranda on Sunday, October 9, 2011 | Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dear Jesus, today i will have my examinations.
You know how important they are to me. 
So I am humbly asking Your gracious help and divine assistance.

I Pray to you, my dear Jesus, please never let me panic nor get nervous,just let me me be at ease and give my very best.
Please never let me guess nor rely on pure luck, but enlighten my mind and let me think clearly.

Please never let me resort to chances nor to dishonesty, 
but let me work to the fullest of my ability.
I pray for Your guidance that as I think, 
I may be able to correctly answer the questions, 
I may solve those difficult problems.

I ask, O Lord, Your intercession, that as I write, 
I may not be careless nor overconfident, 
I may not be distracted  but be more concentrated, 
I may not be in a hurry nor take the exams too lightly.

Today, O my Jesus, I will take my examinations.
Let me, with Your help, give my best effort. 
Let me, because of You, receive the best and fruitful results. 


-FR. Ruperto santos, STL.

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