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How to Apply for a Postal ID Card

Written By Jane Miranda on Thursday, January 19, 2012 | Thursday, January 19, 2012

My mom is a plain housewife and two months ago, a bank denied her savings account application because she cannot provide 2 valid IDs. She only had a voter’s ID and an AVON dealer ID then.

This morning, she went to the post office to get a postal identification card. it is generally honored by banks and other financial institutions here in the Philippines as proof of identity and is valid for 5 years.

here are the requirements:
1. application form – a 2-page paper worth 2.00 Php which you can get at the post office near you OR Click here to download Application form
2. 3 pcs. 2×2 ID picture with white background
3. community tax certificate (cedula) – fee depends on your my mom’s case, she paid only 23.20 Php
4. barangay clearance – worth 20 Php
5. marriage contract (if married) and birth certificate 

Here in the City of Navotas, getting a postal ID is just a 1-day process and it is worth 300 Php, exclusive of the requirement expenses. They are not issuing an official receipt for this payment, which for me is questionable. My sister-in-law got hers for 350 Php in Cavite. I’ve read somewhere that in Quezon City, it costs 345 Php. 

Why is there no fixed cost and receipt? I don’t know. Requirements and processing also varies among cities so I strongly suggest that you verify them through the post office admin where you’re planning to get yours.


8 nagger:

  1. kailangan ba talaga ng birth certificate? kaya nga me kukuha ng postal ID kasi wala ako mga ID na ippresent pagkukuha ng birth cert, ang alam ko kailngan ng ID bago makakuha ng birth certificate. please reply po, thank you so much!!!

  2. afaik di na kailangan ng id pag kukuha ka ng birth certificate. but ill research on that.

  3. regarding birth certificate, you can get it without hassle thru

  4. pero kailangan ba talaga ng birth cert pag kukuha ng postal ID or khit wala na un? ang cbi kc skin klngan ng ID pag icclaim na ung birth cert that's why kukuha ako ng postal ID para makakuha ng birth cert

  5. ay sorry hindi pla sa birth cert ko klngan ung ID sa NBI pla....hehehe. sa birth cert pla iddeliver lng un khit wla ng ID. so ang uunahin ko pla kunin ung birth cert. cge thanks po ulit pati dun s link na pinost u. tska ko lng naala e. thank you so much ulit!!!

  6. mukhang kinukurakot lang nila yung bayad kasi nakalagay sa form, 175php lang daw. tapos hindi na ako nirequire na magsubmit ng brgy clearance, nung unang punta ko kasi, me pumirma na postman sa form ko tapos sabi, wag na daw ako magsubmit ng requirements pagbalik ko, picture at 350php lang. samantalang yung iba, pinapakuha pa ng bgry clearance. isa pa, walang resibo!

  7. Thanks for sharing this info! I was planning on getting my own postal ID here in navotas. Seems easy.


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