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Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Philippines Benefits

Written By Jane Miranda on Monday, February 6, 2012 | Monday, February 06, 2012

Being a member of the GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) is among the greatest rewards of working in the government here in the Philippines. It’s not only about having sustainable retirement pension but also being secured and insured in your entire lifetime career. In this hub, I’m gonna discuss and sum up the benefits of being a GSIS member.

After publishing about the SSS benefits, I’d like to say the GSIS benefits are more complex and would really amount to greater worth. Why do I say this? The pension benefits are in higher values compounded monthly and annually. Simply put, your private employer is not so better than the government. And there’s the risk of uncertain compensation from a private employer than the government. Bankrupt or not, the government will still be the government. In other words, the government who will back you up won’t disappear.
Another thing is that, there are more options regarding the pensions and lump sum amounts offered to members who will retire. The GSIS benefits and programs are more flexible and extend to the needs of the members. It’s not only about life insurance, loans and retirements. The launching the new GSIS ecard has been one of the most amazing things that’s been offered to the members. With it, you don’t only have ease of access to your membership records, you can also avail the cash advance and salary loans in one touch.

GSIS Retirement Benefits

Like I mentioned, the GSIS benefits are more flexi. The retirement or old age pension benefits aren’t only about retirement pension or lump sum cash. This kind of benefit is grouped into 5 categories and it’s your choice which retirement program you’re gonna choose to enjoy and suit you. They are:
  • Retirement under R.A. 8291 – you have the option to choose either to receive a 5 year lump sum or cash payment with instant pension
  • Retirement under R.A. 660 – known as “magic 87” (retiree’s age plus years in service must sum up 87) isn’t it an awesome way to retire early?
  • Retirement under R.A. 1616 – if you want to refund or withdraw all your GSIS premiums and receive gratuity payments from your employer at the same time, this option suits you.
  • Retirement under P.D. 1146 – according to this decree, only those who have been in government service after May 31, 1977 but before June 24, 1997 can avail of this retirement program. It gives you a choice between a basic monthly pension (BMP) and cash payment.
  • Retirement under R.A. 7699 – also known as ‘Portability Law’. If your creditable years of service won’t quality you for retirement pension, you can combine your SSS years of service together your GSIS years of service.
All GSIS retirement pensions and benefits are discussed in details in this website dedicated to all retirees: GSIS Pension and Retirement by going to It may contain sample computations of basic monthly pensions as well as the lump sum amounts. Feel free to explore the website to understand the retirement programs better. You can share and connect with all the GSIS retirees and pensioners in the country as well.

GSIS Survivorship Benefits

When a GSIS member or pensioner died, all his qualified beneficiaries are entitled to receive lump sum amount or monthly pension subject to the survivorship program policies and rules. Qualified beneficiaries are the pensioner’s surviving legal spouse (provided he/she will not marry again) and dependent children under 21 or incapacitated children. If the pensioner was single, qualified beneficiaries would be his legal parents. Monthly pension for the surviving spouse will amount to 50% of the basic monthly pension of the late pensioner. Children will receive 10% of the BMP each child. Only 5 children are qualified by the way.

GSIS Burial and Funeral Benefits

Qualified beneficiaries are not only entitled for monthly pensions after a GSIS member or pensioner died. A P20,000 funeral benefit is given upon the death of the member or pensioner. Beneficiaries are qualified to submit the NSO death certificate of the late GSIS member/pensioner, affidavit of funeral expenses, official receipt of the funeral expenses, other supporting docs like the NSO marriage contract (if the payee will be the spouse), NSO birth certificate of the beneficiary.

GSIS Separation Benefits

A GSIS member may be qualified to receive cash and monthly pension even if he didn’t reach the age of 60 upon his separation from service thru the separation benefit program. If you’ve been in the service for at least 3 years but less than 15 years, cash payment is equivalent to 100% of the Average Monthly Compensation (AMC) for every year of service payable upon reaching the age 60. If you’ve been in the service for at least 15 years, cash payment is equivalent to 18 times the Basic Monthly Pension, payable upon separation and the monthly pension for life will be starting at age 60. Provided you are under 60 years old.

GSIS Unemployment Benefit

Like the separation benefit, this is also under R.A. 8291. When a permanent government employee who has paid the required 12 months integrated contributions has been separated from service is entitled to receive monthly cash payments equivalent to 50% of the average monthly compensation (AMC). This unemployment benefit is depend upon the member’s length of service and ranges from 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. There’s a uniform schedule for this coverage of benefit. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

GSIS Disability Benefits

The disability benefits are for those members who became disabled, injured or impaired physically or mentally. Cash payments and monthly pensions depend upon the type of disability resulted. The amount of benefit will also depend on the member’s creditable service and average monthly compensation.

GSIS EC (Employees’ Compensation) Benefits

The EC benefits is another type of disability package benefit. This is merely employer-based contribution benefit. You have the option to receive cash income benefits for disability or death, medical and related services for injury or sickness and rehabilitation services ( in addition to monthly cash income benefit) for permanent disability provided you meet all their compensability conditions.

GSIS Hospitalization Benefit

Having the GSIS ecard, a member, pensioner and all of their beneficiaries (10% discounts for beneficiaries) can avail discounts from medical services from various partner-hospitals, including outpatient services and emergency cases, medicines as well as discounts in professional fees of select physicians. Patients can avail of a 50-percent discount if they use the medical equipment lent by the GSIS to the hospital; 40-percent discount if they undergo special diagnostic procedures; 35 percent for common procedures; 30 percent on room rates; and 10 percent on professional fees including consultation fees. That is according to GSIS website.

GSIS Very Affordable Life Insurance

One of the amazing benefits of being a GSIS member is their very cheap premiums for their life insurance programs. You could enjoy low premiums for life enhanced insurance, life endowment policy, personal insurance, fire insurance, vehicle insurance, and other miscellaneous insurance.

GSIS Loans

As the company slogan says “Kahit saan, kahit kalian, maaasahan.” GSIS offers easy loans to all of their members and pensioners. They are the emergency loans, cash advance, housing loans, consolidated loan, and policy loan. Using your ecard, you can avail these loans and get approved once qualified.

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