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Fiesta in the Philippines

Written By Jane Miranda on Friday, April 27, 2012 | Friday, April 27, 2012

An inherent part of the Filipino spirit is the joy of life and there are few, if any, races on the planet that can match them in their fervor to celebrate their blessings, commemorate their past or observe solemn religious rituals. Every town, village, city, province and barangay in the nation has its special Fiesta or Festival Day. Celebrations may take the form of music, dancing, feasting, beauty contests, balls, processions, sports challenges or a host of other events. Spanish influence is evident in the elaborate masks, makeup, headdresses and costumes worn by the revelers; outfits which often take months of preparation. 
Many people from around the world visit the Philippines to witness the many festivities that are being celebrated and the way how Filipinos celebrate a fiesta. These festivals (fiesta in Filipino) also portray the culture that is handed down from generation to generation. Visitors around the world feel the power of the fiesta and of the irrepressibly festive spirit of Filipinos.

Indeed, the calendar of Philippine festivities is an exhilarating collection of revelries and special events. Every month offers various celebrations on every town and city. And the myriad of activities available is an eclectic array: from awe-inspiring fluvial processions and grand street merry-makings to thrilling whale shark watching and trekking along majestic countryscapes.
People celebrate every festival with excitement, enthusiasm and high spirits and they enjoy every moment when celebrating the fiesta. The event or fiesta is characterized by the community to express the warm welcome of the harvest, express religious celebrations, or commemorate a historic event. It is the strong culture in this society that makes them showing and strengthening the shared history, values, and experiences of a specific group of people.

Fiesta Calendar

♦ January ♦ ¦ ♦ February ♦ ¦ ♦ March ♦ ¦ ♦  Holy Week ♦ ¦ ♦ April ♦

May ♦ ¦ ♦ June ♦ ¦ ♦ July ♦ ¦ ♦ August ♦

September ♦ ¦ ♦ October ♦ ¦ ♦ November ♦ ¦ ♦ December ♦

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