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Brigada Eskwela 2012

Written By Jane Miranda on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Department of Education on Monday launched Brigada Eskwela  2012 to encourage the public to join its campaign to clean public schools' classrooms and other  facilities in preparation for school opening on June 4.

Brigada Eskwela is perhaps the most successful brand of community mobilization in the Department of Education’s arsenal. The program’s name is easily identified as the national school maintenance and repair program. The program on its own generates billions of pesos in volunteer and community contributions in addition to its mother volunteering and school adoption program Adopt a School. Brigada Eskwela also offers a more direct means of intervention through volunteerism and a mechanism for quick, efficient, and effective information dissemination of information to share best practices.

Brigada Eskwela focuses on four major components to achieve this goal. The first component is community mobilization, that is, through various activities, promotes empowered community involvement not only in school maintenance but education programs as well. Second component is school and community interventions programs that are geared to transform the school and community into a conducive learning environment. The third component is communications and social marketing to rally the cause through creative means. Finally, Operations support to participating schools in order to ensure effective implementation of local initiatives.

Brigada Eskwela 2012 will also focus on ensuring adequate toilet and water system for students.  This year is the ninth year  that the DepEd is holding the program.

This year’s Brigada Eskwela will be marked by two firsts. It will specifically focus on school sanitation and in improving the schools of indigenous communities. 2012 Brigada Eskwela will run from May 21 to 26, 2012.

One of the major thrusts is the improvement of toilets and wash facilities – to give emphasis on the importance of school sanitation and hygiene. DepEd also enjoins the Brigada Eskwela participants to prioritize repair and clean-up of schools serving IP learners.

It does not Accept Cash Donations. Brigada Eskwela is DepEd’s model of public-private-community partnership. What it solicits are cleaning / repair materials, other non-cash assistance and community volunteers who paint the classroom, repairs chairs and tables, leaking roofs and faucets, as well as cement walkways and spruce up the garden and surroundings.

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