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Written By Jane Miranda on Friday, September 14, 2012 | Friday, September 14, 2012

19th International Agribusiness Exhibition and Seminars
13th International Food Processing, Packaging and Products Exhibition
8th National Fisheries Exhibition and Seminars

Nineteen years of Agrilink and we’ve kept improving.  As the number one and trailblazer in agribusiness exhibition, people in the agribusiness community have regarded Agrilink as a yearly tradition that needs to be visited and actively participated in. We continue to offer the best of what agribusiness has to offer—from products, to technologies, to markets—we don’t just have the information, we have the experts in attendance. From farm to fork, we’ve got them covered. And every year, we just keep getting bigger and better!

Last year, Agrilink’s theme focused on “Integration: Key to Sustainable Agriculture.” In line with this theme, the organizing committee chose Mr. Willy C. Co, President of Allied Botanical Corporation and member of Seed Industry Association as their overall Chairman.  His expertise in the seed sector helped to showcase practically all agricultural seed varieties. He  was also instrumental in helping us conceptualize seminars for the show.  As in the previous years, the Department of Agriculture was the major sponsor of Agrilink as well as  its attached agency, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) both of  which provided financial and technical support to our three-day event.  Close to 289 companies participated in the exhibited occupying 380 indoor and retail booths or 8,100 square meters and 1186 sqm in the outdoor exhibit.  A big chunk of the exhibitors were local companies. There were also 264  sqm  of exhibit area for foreign companies from 27 countries  who participated in the exhibit. These were companies from France, China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Italy  Singapore, Vietnam and Japan.  There were also Five (5) Indoor Pavilions:  the French and Korean at the main exhibit and PHILFOODEX & OPTA Pavilions and AANI in the retail area. The  French Pavilion was organized by Le Club-FCC and participated in by 8 French companies. The Korean Pavilion was organized by Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO) and participated in by 7 Korean companies. The Department of Agriculture were participated not only the 20 DA regional field units but also some of the attached agencies like  BAR, BAFPS, BFAR, PCA, and PHILRICE, while the Department of Agrarian Reform had 2 booths.

Registered visitors was recorded at 22,713 over a 3-day period  with an estimated 5% who made repeat visits over the 3-day event.

This Year's Theme:

Time was when animal health only meant getting rid of animal diseases and regular visits of veterinarians to farms. Today, the term animal health encompasses a whole gamut of facets since the world of agribusiness has also widened its scope. As we talk of animal health, we also get to include new technologies, animal housing design and equipment, building materials, layout and locations, drainage, waste management, controlled atmospheres and metered feeds and water inputs.  All of these play a part in determining profitability. And as consumers continue to demand for safe, high quality animal products at competitive prices, animal health becomes crucial to improving production efficiency, lowering production cost and producing good quality products. It’s really going out of the box and viewing animal health in a holistic approach—something beyond the confines of feed and medication i.e. vaccines, antibiotics and vitamins.

Agricultural Chemicals, Animal Housing and Breeding, Animal Health and Nutrition, Aquaculture Equipment and Inputs, Communication and Information Technology, Dairy Products, Equipment and Machinery, Facilities  for Cooking and Storage, Facilities for Postharvest, Feed Ingredients, Feedmilling, Fertilizers and Pest Management, Financial Institutions, Fishery products, Food Ingredients and Additives, Food Packaging, Food Processing, Fruits and Vegetables, Greenhouses and Nurseries, Horticulture Inputs, Meat Products, Organic Farming and Hydroponics, Publications, Research and Consultancy, Seeds and Planting Materials, Irrigation Systems, Transport and Logistics, Waste Management.

Trade Fair Dates: October 4-6, 2012
Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM), Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Philippines
Important Dates:
Ingress: October 3, 2012 - 8am to 10pm
Exhibition Dates: October 4-6, 2012 - 10am to 6pm
Egress: October 6, 2012 - 6pm to 10pm
Dress Code: Business Attire

Event Schedule:
October 4, 2012 (Thursday) Seminars
OPENING CEREMONIES (Tentative as of August 28, 2012)
Venue: Lobby, World Trade Center Metro Manila
7:00 am Welcome/Arrival of Guests
9:00 am Main Program
by:  Col. Alejandro EscaƱo, President, PCAFI

National Anthem

Welcome Remarks
by:  Mr. Ricardo C. Alba
Chairperson, AgriLink/FoodLink/Aqualink 2012

Introduction of Keynote Speaker
by :  Ms. Dulce I. Gozon
Chairperson, Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development, Inc.

Keynote Speech
by: Honorable Proceso J. Alcala
Secretary, Department of Agriculture

Loyalty Award – 15th Year of Participation

Oath Taking- PCAFI New sets of Officers
9:45 Cutting of the Ribbon

Led by: Honorable Proceso J. Alcala
Secretary, Department of Agriculture

Assisted by:
Hon. Francis “Kiko” N. Pangilinan
Representative Mark L. Mendoza
Representative  Benhur L. Salimbangon
His Excellency  Gilles Garachon, Amb. of France
His Excellency Lee Hye Min, Ambassador of Korea
Atty. Asis G. Perez
Mr. Ricardo C. Alba
FRLD Board of Directors
9:45 – 12:00pm Tour of Exhibits
Master of Ceremonies:  MR. MIGUEL R. UNSON III,  Director, FRLD
1:00-3:00pm - Optimizing  Performance  of Breeding Herd in the Tropics
- Kapihan at Sari-Manukan Bilis-Laki, Siksik-Laman na Pag-aalaga ng Broiler
- Adult Fly and Larval Control in Farms
By: Univet Nutrition @ Animal Healthcare Co. (UNAHCO) (Sem. Rm. A)

- Corn Silage, Cassava and Malunggay as an Alternative Feed and Feed Supplement for Dairy Cattle
- Native Chicken Production
By:  NAFC/BAI/NDA (Sem. Rm. B)

- Biological Control of Aspergillus Flavus Link  in Corn by Trichoderma
- Quality Analysis of Rice and Corn Using Computer Vision System
- Fermentation and Preservation of “Ensiled Forage” Using GrainPro Silbag
By:  Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PHILMECH) (Sem. Rm. C)
3:30-5:30pm Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines – A Presentation
By: Department of Agriculture (Sem. Rm. B)

- Alternative Natural Compounds for Animal Growth Promotion
- Safety Practices in  Meat Handling and Preparation for Consumption
- Postharvest Handling Losses in Major Fruits in the Philippines
By: Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center (PHTRC) (Sem. Rm. C)
12:00am - 1:00pm Cooking Demonstration
By Nat’l. Union Growers Coop. Marketing Assoc. (NOGROCOMA)
3:00pm - 5:00pm Product  Launching
By: Univet Nutrition @ Animal Healthcare Co. (UNAHCO)
DAY 2 – OCTOBER 5, 2012 - Friday
10:30am-12:30pm Early Fish Nutrition and New Technologies in Vannamei Culture
By: Santeh Feeds (Sem. Rm. A)

Turkey Production in the World: Brooding, Commercial Turkeys Growing, Biosecurity, Poultry  Treatment
By: French Pavilion (Sem. Rm.  B)

- Raising Dairy Goats at a Lower Cost… The Alaminos Salad Garden Feeding Program Experience
- Utilization of Malunggay Leaf Meal as Ingredient
- PCAARRD Industry Strategic Plan for Goats 2020
By: Alaminos Goat Farm (Sem. Rm. C)
1:00-3:00pm - Sakwa: Alternative Feed Resource for Native Swine
- Multiple Benefits of Oregano on Livestock and Poultry
- On-Farm Production of Vermicost and Earthworm Biomass for Organic Tilapia in Fresh Water Pond
Sponsored By: Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) (Sem. Rm. A)

Hand Pump Technology and Rural Water Supplies in Asia, a Sustainable Aalternative to Conventional Lever Action Pumps
By: French Pavilion (Sem. Rm. B)

- Proper Meat Handling
- Multipurpose Shredder
By: Livestock Development Council (Sem. Rm. C)
3:30-5:30pm Natural Poultry and Natural Standards for Poultry & Piggery & 1000sqm Sustainable Integrated Organic & Natural Mini-Farm
By: Pronatural Feed Corp. (Sem. Rm. A)

General Insights in Putting up a Tunnel Ventilated Broiler Farm Business
By: Prime Agritech Corp. (Sem. Rm. B)
10:30am-4:00pm San Miguel Foods, Inc. Activities
DAY 3 - OCTOBER 6, 2012 - Saturday
10:30am-12:30pm - Organic Agriculture: Issues and Concerns
- Importance and Impact of Closed Season in the Philippines
- Biofloc Technology in Aquaculture
By: Philippine Fisheries Association (Sem. Rm. A)

Guiding Producers Towards Organic Certification
By: Department of Agriculture (Sem. Rm. B)

Cardiovascular Health Maintenance Through Innovative Herbs
By: Asian Pacific Clinical & Herbal Innovations, Inc. (Sem. Rm. C)
1:00-5:30pm - Improving Milkfish Production in Brackishwater Ponds and in Fish Cages by Proper Feeding Management
- Improving Aquaculture production with Proper Health Management
- Aquafeeds Now In-3G
- Updates on Pangasius Breeding and Farming
- Biotechnology Approaches as Alternative Medication in Aquaculture
- Productivity Beyond Medication: Seaweed Extracts Natural as Immunostimulants for Aquaculture
- Organic Aquaculture
- Bangus-Enriched Canton Noodles
By: Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources (BFAR) (Sem. Rm. A)
1:00-3:00pm - Organic Farming
- Organic Processing
- Organic Marketing
- Organic Guarantee
By: OPTA (Sem. Rm. B)

The Foundations of Better Health & Growth Management in Hog Raising
By: San Miguel Foods, Inc. - B-MEG (Sem. Rm. C)
10:00am-12:00nn Agri  Kapihan: The rule of Vermi  Culture to Organic Farming
By:  Agri Aqua Network International (AANI)
1:00-2:00pm Cooking Demonstration: Fishta Seafood “I love Fish” Pampano
By: Santeh Feeds
4:00-5:00pm Cooking Demonstration: Business in Meat Processing Using Various Fibers for Health Products
By:  Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)

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