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Metro Solusyon - Ako Kasama sa Solusyon

Written By Jane Miranda on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | Tuesday, September 18, 2012



"As responsible and concerned citizens, people should stop hiding behind text messages and reports sent anonymously to authorities to express their gripes against illegal activities in the metropolis. My appeal to people who complain and call our Agency's attention, is to give us accurate and complete reports and assist us through the process, so that we can act upon them with more concrete solutions, swiftly.

The MMDA's ability to serve the best public service relies largely on our people. To promote good practices and to bring out the best in our men and women, we also need your help to regularly commend our people for jobs well done. Many of our people are faced with the everyday hazards of work under extreme physical conditions, and we truly appreciate your help in boosting the morale of our Agency.

In all these, my vision for an orderly Metro Manila is transformed citizenry. You are an important partner in transforming Metro Manila as a progressive & competitive metropolis. It starts with self -discipline, a sense of responsibility, full accountability, and respect for and celebration of all that's good. Let us together make this vision a reality! "

How to File a Report or Complaints on MMDA Metro Solusyon
Register and Log in to Metro Solusyon website.

-Fill up required personal information. Remember your password.

2. Read Legal and Statutes.

It is expected that the report of the complainant is real, accurate and complete to serve as preliminary evidence to initiate the filing of the complaint, and to proceed to the necessary next steps. 

Embracing the principle of the "Rule of Law", it is also our duty to protect the rights of the MMDA employees involved.

3. File a report & attach your evidence (Picture, Video or Audio) on Submit Report page.

-And so, before clicking on "Report an Incident" at the homepage, please ensure that you have the following information with you in addition to basic information we will need about you (not to publish, but to use as reference so we can contact and keep in touch with you in the process): 
  • Full name of person being complained.
  • A narration and relevant material facts.
  • The act allegedly committed.
  • Pictures, MMS and Videos.

4. Submit your report.

5. Wait for an e-mail confirmation then Read Reports or Updates on your case using your REFERENCE NUMBER.

MMDA cannot proceed investigation based on incomplete reports, so ensure that your report is complete, true and accurate. Evaluated reports will be posted and notify you thru email.

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