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Used Cooking Oil as an Alternative Fuel

Written By Jane Miranda on Monday, September 3, 2012 | Monday, September 03, 2012

Used Cooking Oil as an Alternative Fuel
Processed used cooking oil may have been effective substitutes or alternative diesel fuel, but it still looks fuzzy because of the indiscriminate exportation of some traders of used cooking oil in wealthy countries such as Korea, and re-processing them not to make alternative fuel but to sell back to the market.

According to Ka Obet Martin of Pasang Masda, if the government would be able to prevent the exportation of processed used cooking oil, it may offer great help to ease the burden of the transport group in successive rise of diesel prices.

The discovery of used cooking oil as diesel substitute is Pasang Masda's answer to the repetitive rise of petroleum products.

Pasang Masda also wanted the government to listen to their proposals to allow them to build pumping stations and  run their cooperative tax free, except for expanded valued added tax.

And since diese passed again to P43.00 per liter, Pasang Masda is now asking for additional P0.50 provisional fare increase fares. They will enforce a rollback if it falls below P43.00/liter.

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