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1st Guinobatan Longganisa Festival 2013

Written By Jane Miranda on Sunday, August 11, 2013 | Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blessed with natural bounties with agricultural lands and horticultural farms making it known to be the “GARDEN TOWN”. 

It is the birthplace of Gen. Simeon Ola, a gallant revolutionary leader during the Filipino – Hispanic and Filipino – American wars; the home of tasty native longaniza, pilinut delicacies, and honeybee apiculture industry. It harbors a multitude of tourist attraction like historical caves, heritage houses and spring resorts. 

The Bicolanos, known to be lovers of delicious cuisine, are also branded for their ingenuity in creating new and enticing recipes.

Longganisa de Guinobatan has a distinctive taste, a little sour and salty. Dipped in vinegar or any condiment of choice, it is best served for breakfast but it’s just as good to eat on any mealtime.


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