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The Sineng Pambansa Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition 2013

Written By Jane Miranda on Friday, August 9, 2013 | Friday, August 09, 2013

The Sineng Pambansa Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition 2013 
Calling all Philippine scriptwriters! The Film Development Council of the Philippines has now laid the groundwork for Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival for June 2014. 

In light of its mandate to promote and protect the Philippine Film Industry, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has established a nationwide Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition that seeks to encourage the further development of our outstanding film culture, while exploring the possibilities of an entire spectrum of cinematic types with vast global appeal. 

1.The Sineng Pambansa Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition sponsored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines shall span throughout the year of 2013.

2.The competition is open to all Filipino screenwriters.

3.The scriptwriting competition shall focus on developing genre films confined to: action, comedy, fantasy, horror, thriller, futuristic and a hybrid of any two or three.

4.The entries in this preliminary stage of the competition shall consist of storyline/synopsis and full screenplay for the feature film.

5.For the Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition, a panel of independent jurors will be independently and anonymously appointed by the FDCP. The FDCP shall also appoint one of its staff members to be included in the jury.

6.The panels of jurors shall be composed of accomplished scriptwriters and experts in cinema.

7.The top entries of each jury member shall be gathered and collectively ranked.

8.The resulting top twelve (12) entries will be awarded cash prizes.

9.The winners will be selected through meritorious process. The jury reserves the right to not complete the list of  “top twelve entries” if no scripts are deemed worthy to be winners.

10.In consideration of the patrimonious nature of the contest, all rights of the winning scripts will be owned by the national government

11.The FDCP with prospective production companies with which it has inked partnership shall exercise the sole prerogative to accordingly conscript directors for the films to be made out of the winning scripts to form part of the official selection for the festival’s 2014 edition set for the mid-year.

12.The winners of the competition shall be announced in December 2013.

13.A total of twelve (12) winners will be prospectively be chosen:
a.The top six (6) best scripts will receive Php200,000
b.The next best six (6) scripts will receive Php100,000

14.Deadline for the submission of duly accomplished and notarized entries to the Feature Film Scriptwriting Competition shall be no later than midnight of September 30, 2013. Entries sent by registered mail or courier should not be postmarked later than the deadline. Entries must be submitted to the FDCP office in Makati City and must be addressed as follows:
Genre Film Scriptwriting Competition
Thru: Mr. Teodoro Granados
Film Development Council of the Philippines
26thFloor Export Bank Plaza
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. corner Chino Roces Ave.
Makati City

15.Submissions shall be for full-length feature films, where a full-length feature film is defined as having a length of at least 80 minutes.

16.Submitted entries will be provided to the jurors with the title of the script only as the identifying mark. The script must be rendered in standard professional film script format, with proper indications and formatting regarding setting, dialogue and stage directions.

17.The entries in the competition must be written in Filipino, or any local dialect in the Philippines.

18.The entries must be accompanied by a story line in English.

19.If the full script is in a language other than Tagalog (Ilokano, Bikolano, Cebuano, Pampango, etc.),  the corresponding dialog translation or subtitles should be provided in English.

20. Application forms can be downloaded from the FDCP web site at or obtained from FDCP representatives. These will include:
  a. An authenticity form that guarantees that the submitter/sis the true creator of the work submitted and establishes his/her place of residence(form must be duly notarized by the submitter)
  b. An official entry form indicating the genre, title of the work and the author’s name/s.
  c. Entries penned by multiple authors will count as the one entry for all authors.
  d. The contestant must also submit photocopies of proof that he/she is residing or have resided within the bounds of their division.

21.Contestants may only submit one script title; multiple submissions are not allowed and any contestant who submits multiple works, whether under the same genres or multiple ones, shall be disqualified.

22.Contestants must supply four (4) hard copies of their scripts.

23.Winners shall be notified by registered mail, or through announcement in publications and on the FDCP website.

24.Relatives of FDCP staff, to the second degree of consanguinity, are not allowed to enter the contests.

 *Please follow all guidelines as indicated by the above files. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the submitted scripts*

*For any questions or concerns, kindly address your queries to, *

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