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Adlaw sang Tigbauan 2013

Written By Jane Miranda on Thursday, October 17, 2013 | Thursday, October 17, 2013

 Adlaw sang Tigbauan 2013

During the first term of Mayor of Tigbauan, Hon. Myrna M. Torres in 1998 she signed an Executive Order declaring the third Friday of October every as the “Adlaw sang Tigbauan”. The assigning of October as the month where the “Adlaw Sang Tigbauan” falls is very significant.

History tells us that because of the increase in population in Sirawagan area (the place where the Bornean datus settled), the families from the tribes of Labing-Isog and Mangwalis sought for greener pasture. Following the course of the rising sun they landed in the place which they called “Katigbawan” because of the plentiful growth of giant grasses known to them as “tigbaw”.

This place was said to be Parara by word of mouth handed down from generation to generation, it is believed that the families of Labing-Isog and Mangwalis reached the place when the native feasted for bountiful rice.

To the present time, the season for gathering rice crop is mostly in October. During this time of the year the fishermen also rejoice for a bountiful sea catch. Thus, “Adlaw Sang Tigbauan” is celebrated in October. To make this day more significant, the “Saludan Festival” was launched.

Today, Tigbauan has its 12th Mayor, SUZETTE T. ALQUISADA who is sincere in molding Tigbauan into business friendly, progressive, peaceful and environmentally sustaining community.

Tigbauanon, since the Spanish colonization and even now are peace-loving and industrious. The men were farmers, fishermen and hunter. Wild fauna fish and other marine life were plentiful. The women who were said to be dependent of their husband are now doing its share in giving their children a bright future.

Adlaw sang Tigbauan 2013 Schedule of Activities
Adlaw sang Tigbauan 2013 Schedule of Activities

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