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18th National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2014

Written By Jane Miranda on Monday, February 10, 2014 | Monday, February 10, 2014

18th National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2014
18th National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

In observance of Presidential Proclamation No. 731 series of 1996 that declares the 2nd week of February of every year as "National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation" or also known as "Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week (CSAAW)", the Council for the Welfare of Children enjoin the nation to be as one in combating against child abuse.

For this year, it will be observed on February 9-15 February with the theme “Proteksyon ng Bata ...Tungkulin ng Bawat Isa". This annual observance of CSAAW provides awareness to the children, parents, communities and the society on how to make our environment safe, protective and caring for our children.

Based on the DSWD child abuse preliminary report as of January 2014, a total of 1,246 or 27% sexually abused and exploited children are served by the Department for CY 2013.

For the last three years (2011-2013), sexually abused and exploited children remains second in rank with the highest number of abuse among the type of child abuse cases served by the DSWD.

Child Pornography is a new form of child sexual exploitation fuelled by rapid technological advances, increasing global connectivity, persisting poverty rates, and growing disparity in the global distribution of resources.

DSWD data showed 46 cases of child pornography and cyber pornography served from 2010 to 2013 while PNP Angelnet reported 12 cases of child pornography, 2 cases of on-line child abuse and 2 cases of cyber-bullying from March to November 2013. On the other hand, the Terre des Hommes Netherlands exploratory study on the background and psychosocial consequences of web cam tourism in the Philippines (conducted in the 44 cases of victims of webcam child sex tourism in Angeles City and Taguig City, Cebu City and municipalities of Cordova and Dalaguete in Cebu Province) reveals that the country’s web cam child sex tourism is proliferating and spreading quickly through the use of internet.

This phenomenon, according to the study remained undiscovered until 2011 when the country successfully prosecuted its first case against two Swedish nationals and three Filipinos. Children involved in webcam child sex tourism generally perform webcam sex shows from their home computers, from Internet cafes, or from what are known as “cybersex dens”. Webcam sex operations have become widespread and family members are aware that a lot of money is earned from it.

A Policy forum on Protecting Children in the Cyberage co-organized by CWC, IACACP, IACAT and DOJ was conducted in December 2013. The concerned agencies, service providers, faith-based groups and children were gathered to discuss e

The following activities will brighten up the enthusiasm of everyone to promote the rights of the child towards a Child-Friendly Philippines:  A Caring and Protective Society for, by and with the Children.

a) Fun and Learning Day with Children led by ECPAT and TUGON, on 8 February 2014 at Belarmin Field, Ateneo De Manila University wherein 300 children (7-17 years old) from various communities in Quezon City as participants. The kick-off activity feature booths for children with different activities like theather, painting, baking, etc.

b) Policy Forum on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in the Cyberspace on 12 February 2014 at the Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros, Manila where updates of the new developments on the concerns of sexual abuse and exploitation to children will be discussed with two researches to be presented.  These are the “On line Risks to Filipino Children” conducted by Stairway Foundation and the “Full Screen on View: An Exploratory Study on the Background and Psychosocial Consequences of Web Cam Child Sex Tourism in the Philippines” conducted by Terres Des Hommes Netherlands

c) Sunset Walk with Honorable DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman and DepEd Undersecretary Albert Muyot on 15 February 2014 at the Quezon Memorial Circle to reach the concerned agencies and the general public on the concerns of protecting children from sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. This will be highlighted with a program showcasing different talents of children and music bands.

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