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Advisory on CSC Computerized Examination System (COMEX)

Written By Jane Miranda on Sunday, February 16, 2014 | Sunday, February 16, 2014

Advisory on CSC Computerized Examination System (COMEX)

The Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination (CSC-COMEX) is a system that will automate and integrate each step in the administration of computerized examination, making the entire process faster, easier, and more efficient. It is undertaken by the CSC in collaboration with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), the research and development arm of the Department of Science and Technology.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) advises all interested applicants of the CSC Computerized Examination (COMEX) of the following:

A. Description and Launch of CSC COMEX

The CSC COMEX was launched on December 27, 2013. COMEX is a new system that makes use of contemporary IT approaches to offer an alternative mode of taking the Career Service Examinations for both Professional and SubProfessional levels. Capturing a single, automated examination system, COMEX is designed to manage and realize a nationwide implementation covering all CSC Regional Offices and the CSC Central Office, as testing centers. This is to give more opportunity and access for interested applicants from different parts of the country to take the civil service examinations.

B. COMEX Calendar and Availability for 1st Quarter of 2014
B.1 COMEX shall initially be available at the following testing centers:
CSC Central Office, Constitution Hiils, Quezon City;
CSC RO No. 7, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City; and
CSC RO No. 10, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

B.2 COMEX shall have the following schedule for February and March 2014:
In addition to the above schedules, the CSC Central Office may, upon request from government agencies, conduct a COMEX schedule with a minimum of 25 examinees.

COMEX shall be scheduled more frequently and in more testing centers in the succeeding quarters of the year.

C. Getting Started and Availing COMEX

C.1 User Account Registration
  • Now available (since Dec. 27, 2013) for the public at large 24/7 online via the COMEX website
  • A pre-requisite to create a user account is a working e-mail address.
  • To create a COMEX user account, applicants must access the COMEX website online via and sign up by filling in all required account details.
  • Upon successful completion and submission of account details, applicants need to activate their user account by accessing the corresponding activation link sent by COMEX through a confirmation e-mail.
  • Details of the activated user account may be viewed/updated/edited by logging in to COMEX.
  • COMEX registrants should regularly check their e-mail, as well as open their COMEX account, for information about examination schedules or online offerings.

C.2 Examination Slot Reservation
  • Available online via the COMEX website upon posting of examination schedules or online offerings and subject to slot availability
  • To reserve an examination slot, registrants must access the COMEX website online, log in to the system, view the examination schedules/online offerings through the examination schedule tab, select/choose the desired examination schedule from among the online offerings, and make a reservation.
  • Upon successful reservation, applicants are to print the ‘slot reservation’ confirmation e-mail sent by COMEX, which contains the date, time and venue of examination and personal appearance.

C.3 Examination Slot Confirmation
  • Available on scheduled date and time at the designated CSC Office
  • To confirm the reserved examination slot, applicants appear personally before the designated CSC Office on the scheduled date and time for the following procedures: Identity verification based on information provided during registration; System database verification; Payment of examination fee; Capturing of digital photograph and signature, and biometric fingerprint; and Issuance of the CS ID.
  • Applicants are required to present a valid I.D. card.

C.4 Actual Test
  • Available on scheduled date and time at the designated CSC Office
  • To take the actual test, examinees undergo system authentication of their identity, attend to orientation/briefing, accomplish appropriate examination forms, and take the test.
  • Time limit: 
          CSE Professional – 3 hours and 10 minutes
          CSE SubProfessional – 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • Test results are available one week after examination.

     CSE Professional - PHP600
     CSE SubProfessional - PHP600


For further queries, contact COMEX Administrator at telephone number:
(02) 931-8163, or (02) 931-7935 loc. 713.

Online CSE Reviewers
take the sample test and check for the answers at the end of the questionnaire.

Application form for Civil Service Examination (revised) - download here
Philippine Civil Service Exam Reviewer Compilation 2014 - download here

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