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CSC Computerized Examination System (COMEX)

Written By Jane Miranda on Sunday, February 16, 2014 | Sunday, February 16, 2014

The CSC places premium on working steadily toward competent and efficient administration of civil service examinations.

Anchored on its role under the CSC Road Map’s Strategic Priority I of the Developing Competent and Credible Civil Servants, scaling greater heights in examination administration, and keeping upbeat with its continuing thrust of upholding the principle of merit and fitness, the CSC resolutely moves on from the conventional paper-and-pencil test and the alternative Computer-Assisted Test to a challenging venture that is -- the development of the contemporary Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination System or CSC COMEX.

Undertaken in collaboration with the DOST-Advanced Science and Technology Institute, the CSC COMEX is a new system designed to unite all existing stand-alone examination processes on acceptance and processing of applications, preparation of examination documents, conduct of examination, processing of results, and generation of examination reports… into a single examination system. CSC COMEX will run through Wide Area Network environment where the regional testing centers shall be connected to the central server located at the CSC Central Office.

A salient feature of the new system is the integration of modern facilities that would make the entire examination administration process – from application all the way to processing of test results – faster, easier, and more efficient.

CSC COMEX comes further with a package of gains that includes:
  • sweeping implementation in CSC Regional Offices across the country,
  • giving more opportunity for interested applicants to take the computer testing mode,
  • provision of a secured, tamper-proof examination system, ensuring a more reliable verification process of applicants and examinees,
  • linkage to CSC existing systems such as the DIBAR, EDQIS, and eRetakers, provision of online copies of application forms and applicants’ profiles, thereby eliminating manual filling up of application form,
  • generation of standardized examinee photos,
  • capturing of examinee biometrics, and
  • user friendliness.


Examination Account Registration or EAR Module
EAR is an internet-based system through which all interested individuals could register online anytime via the CSC COMEX website.

To register, an individual must create a user account that contains information on user account name and password, personal circumstances, education, employment, examinations passed, civil service eligibilities, and other pertinent information.

Examination Slot Reservation or ESC Module
Just like the EAR, ESR is also an internet-based system that allows a registered user to reserve a slot for a particular examination, including the preferred date and time of personal appearance at the CSC, date and time of examination, and the examination venue.

Examination Slot Confirmation or ESC Module
ESC entails the examination day. This is the stage during which an examination applicant appears personally before the CSC to attend to preliminaries that include verification of identify based on EAR, capturing of examinee’s photo and biometrics, and generation, printing and signing by the examinee’s of the application form and the examinee’s CS Identification (CSID).

Actual Test Program or ATP Module
ATP pertains to the conduct of the test proper, and shall involve, among others, the authentication of examinees’ biometrics, and the examinees taking the actual test.

Test Results Processing or TRP Module
Characterized by automatic examination scoring, this module involves processing of test results, generation of examination reports, and releasing of test results.

Without a doubt, the dawn of CSC COMEX is a fervent testimony of the Civil Service Commission’s enduring quest for Responsive, Accessible, Courteous and Effective service.

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