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Directions: Analyze and solve each problem carefully.

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    1. are you reffering to question number 2?

  2. why is it that Q3 is 1065? it is 1055

  3. The sale price of a television set is P 7200. The discount rate is 40%. Find its regular price.
    Answer: 6800 (????)

    Can you please check and correct this.

    1. 7200x40%=2880, the discounted rate
      original price- discounted rate= new price
      7200-2880=4320, correct me if i'm wrong.

    2. i think the answer is 12,000
      Sale price 7,200 = 60% of the original price
      40% = 4,800
      Regular price -s 12,000

  4. The Answer for num. 16 is 4320.

  5. this site is not helpful to those examinees will take the exam because many of the problems in mathematics are confusing and some other answer are wrong particularly in question 24 in math.

  6. #14. 7x-18 = 269
    7x = 269 + 18
    7x = 287
    x = 41, not 44. :(

  7. kaya pala solve ako ng solve d ko makuha ung sagot un pala tama ako ...

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